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Tracking Mail with Outlook 365 Web requires two clicks each mail???

I successfully managed to connect my Inbox and install the Add-in for Outlook 365 Web as well as the Extension for Chrome.


I successfully logged and tracked an Email in my Hubspot Contacts.


In the settings for the Add-in for Outlook 365 Web I can turn on tracking and logging per default.


But in order for those defaults to apply when I create a new mail, I always have to click the more options button (...) on the bottom of the edit window and then click the Hubspot icon.

That makes two clicks per each message I write just to have tracking and logging enabled for this one message.

Is that really the way it works?

Is there no way to just turn on tracking and logging for all mails?


That seems insane and very much error prone.


Thanks in advance for your time and your help!

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Hi @christophhapple - you should be able to set it to always continue with the same settings, so for example if you want, it would alwaysw track and always log.