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Tracking Emails from BCC

I frequently find myself starting an email thread in a browser tab in HS.  And later, end up responding to my client's response from my email client.   Because I responded to my client from a 3rd party mail client and used BCC, there is no tracking.


Given that the original email was tracked,  why can't the subsequent emails also be tracked?   Or why can't we have something to include into the body of a new email or bury in a signature that would cause tracking on a BCC email?

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Hey @mhmoran 


What do you mean by "a BCC email"? Do you mean you are using HubSpot's BCC email address?

Who is your email provider and which email client are you using?

When your have the sales extension installed in your email client, you have the option to continue tracking the email.






I sent an email from within the Hubspot environment, got a reply which
shows up in Thunderbird (or  Evolution), which I've set to automatically
BCC whenever I use that email.

I'm using a corporate G-suite account,  NOT using the web interface, but
rather Thunderbird or Evolution.

At one point, I did try then Chrome plugin, but it was completely unstable
on Linux.