Tracking Documents from File Manager

We have software data sheets in the File Manager that we link to on our site for customer download. We need to have the ability to track how many times these pdfs are downloaded for viewing, as well as being able to see what web pages these linked documents can be found.

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Agree. Vote for this as well.

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I have to say that after using HubSpot for about 4 months I'm constantly amazed at the things that it is NOT capable of!  For a product that is touted as best in class, its the simple things like this - tracking document downloads from its own servers where HubSpot completely falls apart!


We purchased HubSpot to do exactly this type of function and we were sold that it could do this with "ease!"


Instead we find out that we have to build a complicated process to simply track the downloaded documents our customer are asking for.


Come on HubSpot Product managers you can close the gap on this one easily!


While you at it please make the download or the view of a file in file manager an Enrollment Trigger so we can build automations based on the files a customer looks at!


Here is a simple example of what we are trying to do:


1) Customer wants to download a datasheet from our website

2) We put a form in place to collect their information and their consent to contact them.

    a) Oh yeah that form asks a series of questions to direct the customer to the right datasheet so we use the SAME form to access 100's of files in file manager since this is a lot more efficient than creating 100's of forms and landing pages, etc.

3) We direct them to the right file in file manager upon successful completion of the form.

4) once they have accessed the document then we want to enroll them in an automation that basically populates a field in the contact record that says "Hey this person looked at this document!"


This all sounds SOOOO easy, but nope - because HubSpot doesn't track views of files in file manager you can't do this!  Instead you have to build a Form that directs to CTA and then to a file!  All that extra work just because we can't track a file that HubSpot ALREADY is hosting!


Please good  HubSpot product managers help us!!

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Does anyone have a solution to this problem they have come up with? We have gated and ungated (form fill + CTA v. CTA only) pages for each asset. My current process is tracking the CTA clicks and form fills in an active list but when we take out inactive contacts the numbers are affected. Looking for any advice.

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Upvote, this is mentioned in 2017 for the first! 

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It´s been reviewed for 8 months. When will be done?

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How is this still an issue 3 years later? It is so frustrating that I have to create another list in order to get simple reporting in Hubspot and how a list is always the response. A huge misstep here that you cannot track who is viewing files that are in Hubspot. How, as a marketer, am I supposed to show my team the value in gated content when I can't even track my gated content.

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Want to echo the concept above - I'm constantly amazed at the things Hubspot is not capable of. 


I escalated within Hubspot and they seem suprised by these concerns. Likely will not be renewing. 

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Any update on this? Adding tracking to PDFs and enabling users to add HubSpot Scoring is pretty fundemental

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Please consider adding this functionality!



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I agree. We have a software platform, and it would be great to link out to different PDFs and be able to see ON THE CONTACT REOCORD what/when they viewed the content.