Tracking Documents from File Manager

We have software data sheets in the File Manager that we link to on our site for customer download. We need to have the ability to track how many times these pdfs are downloaded for viewing, as well as being able to see what web pages these linked documents can be found.

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Agreed - important to track 'ungated' items...

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Totally agree. This is becoming crucial for us. 

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 Absolutely agree.  It is nice to be able to see how much time spent on the pages, but what we are seeing is the vast majority of people opening a multi-page file and stay on page one.  Either we are wasting our time sharing documents through HS or everyone is downloading it, which would be important for us to know.  Please do add this feature.

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Absolutely agree. It would be great to be able to track all of our docs in file manager. Or have some sort of reporting available on a link of a document since we promote it multiple places and would love to know where it performs the best. 

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Agreed. Please add this! We are new to HubSpot and very disappointed to find it lacks such basic tracking that can be critical to inbound marketing. 

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Agreed. Marketing files in the file manager should have the exact same tracking and analysis capabilities as sales documents.


Ditto. It is critical for content-driven lead nurturing to track actual downloads of white papers, case studies, etc. as part of lead scoring.

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Really necessary feature. 

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This is functionality that is desperately needed. We have lots of documents hosed in HubSpot and we need to be able to attribute contact properties to contacts based on what files they download. How has this functionality not been introduced yet? It is clear from this thread that lots of people need it.

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I would also love to track views on uploaded Files.