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Track the Number of Times a Contact Opens a Specific Marketing Email

Our company would like to target specific contacts who have opened a specific mailing a specific number of times.


Right now, Hubspot can create a list that says "[Contact] Opened [Marketing Email]" or "[Contact] Opened Any Marketing Email [X] Times". 


It would be great to have a function that combines the two into "[Contact] Opened [Marketing Email] [X] Times."


This feature is geared towards Marketing Teams. 


This feature will add value to the Lists function and allow Marketing Teams to easily identify top engaged contacts from specific marketing emails, as opposed to just top engaged contacts overall.


This feature is available in other marketing platforms such as Eloqua and Informz. 

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It has been 3 years and this feature is still not available. +1 vote again. 


+1 here. This would help our sales team reach out to interested contacts in an efficient manner. How are we supposed to fully leverage HubSpot if we don't know who our message is resonating with the most?