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Track the Number of Times a Contact Opens a Specific Marketing Email

Our company would like to target specific contacts who have opened a specific mailing a specific number of times.


Right now, Hubspot can create a list that says "[Contact] Opened [Marketing Email]" or "[Contact] Opened Any Marketing Email [X] Times". 


It would be great to have a function that combines the two into "[Contact] Opened [Marketing Email] [X] Times."


This feature is geared towards Marketing Teams. 


This feature will add value to the Lists function and allow Marketing Teams to easily identify top engaged contacts from specific marketing emails, as opposed to just top engaged contacts overall.


This feature is available in other marketing platforms such as Eloqua and Informz. 

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HubSpot Employee

+1! This information would be really valuable. We can currently only see it on the contact record or if you look in the email recipient tab  at the contacts that clicked, however, it's not a great way to get an overview of all the recipients of that email and how many times they opened that specific email. 


Hola!, Sería muy util poder elegir los campos para descargar por contacto relacionados con las aperturas de mail. Poder elegir las columnas en base a total de clics, total de aperturas, y otros campos relacionados con el contacto como puede ser el país o su posición. 

Hay un gráfico que muestra los contactos con alta interacción de aperturas otro que muestra los clicks, pero los datos no son exportables ni editables para analizar esto por país o posición por ejemplo.





+1 Being able to segment contacts in this way would be huge for our email marketing.


+1 Need this!


+1 Would be great!


Would be very helpful and open up a wide range of if/then related workflows that would optimize my teams time.


Cannot believe this feature doesn't currently exist. Absolutely need to be able to see how many times each contact opened a marketing campaign for targeted follow up. Isn't a main goal of sending campaigns finding out who's most interested in your message and then interacting with them? This is a major shortcoming that needs to be addressed. If I can see how many times a contact has opened an email in their contact profile, this is being tracked somewhere already and needs to be readily available.

HubSpot Employee

Hi, commenting for a customer here. Understand there is also a similar thread on Sales emails here:

Let me explain my client's use case here. This is important when it comes to lead scoring. Currently, we are able to create an active list based off number of emails opened/ or whether a specific marketing email is opened or clicked on. However, each email will only be attributed one open or clicks. 

This is the same for our "Lead Scoring" tool.

Putting this into perspective, sometimes customers may open and click multiple times into a marketing email. Perhaps that's an informative article within the email that they find incredibly helpful or relevant for their business. Let's say contact A open 20 times and click 5 times VS contact B opening 1 time and clicking 1 time. We would essentially be giving the same score to both leads. This isn't effective in qualifying leads for my client's case. 

I can see that the "Sales" thread has been set up since 2017, would really love to see some updates on this.


This is an important function for our lead scoring. 


@YiRui_Chua how we can get things moving?


A must have idea, we are trying to priorize leads and this may help a lot


Yes! Need this for lead scoring.


This would be great!!  This exists in simpler email marketing platforms.


Hi HubSpot Dev Team. This is a highly-requested feature. Please consider. Thanks!


This would be amazing! Since it would help our sales team specifically target Contacts with intent!


(ex. opened specific marketing email 10x and clicked 3x)

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Noticed this is still an open thread which is surpising. This kind of reporting would enable our sales teams to be a lot more focused with their time, ensuring we push follow-ups to those engaging with specific emails multiple times - either themselves or because they've shared internally.

HubSpot Employee

Commenting on behalf of a customer.

This feature needs to be considered. It would be really helpful if we can analyse our top engaged contacts in a report that is exportable without having to rely on the Performance Chart within the emails themselves which would require manual calculating the number of contacts that has opened or clicked a certain number of times. 

Would really love to see an update for this. 


+1! Really important function for measuring lead scoring. 


Useful feature!

HubSpot Employee

Bumping this feature as it's definitely something that's very beneficial for marketing teams!


Hi @ghigginbothem , @dericklee , @Ignasigasso , @victordalmas , @Yupvoted


We also had this problem of not being able to utilize contacts with mulitlpe engagements from a marketing email. I wanted to introduce you to Segment Builder, a HubSpot Marketplace App that solves for this.


Segment Builder allows you to create "Segments" of engaged contacts from individual marketing emails, Campaigns, Subscription Type, or a combination. You can specify a percentage (top 10% of openers) or a threshold (at least 3 clicks) , and the segment will sync to HubSpot as a List, making it workable with all other parts of HubSpot.


Please do try it out for free, and I would love to hear your feedback if you have any.


Happy segmenting

Tom from Segment Builder 


A List of SegmentsA List of Segments