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Track Upsells within a Deal and Update Total Deal Amount

Here is the basic issue I am running into:


- I create a deal and add a Quote with line items to send to client. They pay using Stripe integration, and deal moved to Closed Won via workflows. The Deal Amount is auto-updated. 


- The deal is now in Closed Won stage now, and should not be moved. The quote also shows as Paid and I do not want to mess with that either. 


- I now want to create a charge for an upsell or add-on. So I create a new Quote in the same deal to send to client. However, the Deal Amount is now updated for the new Quote amount, rather than ADDING the upsell amount to the total deal amount. 


So the main issue I would like to solve for is this: How do I create one Deal, create add-ons and upsells, and make sure that the Amount Tracking and Invoicing stays accurate and associated? Thanks in advance for helping me out!

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We are also having this exact same problem. How do other companies do this in HubSpot? Do they make second 'upsell' deals? I think that gets really tricky as we are dealing with long contracts, so now the secondary deal is not truly connected to the 'main' deal. When someone goes to do a renewal, they likely only see the 'main deal' and don't realize the customer has purchased an upsell.


I also need a metric to record when we renew a deal with an upsell amount.  Important to have it seperated by renewal of existing income and what has been upsold to client on top.  

Has anyone figured out a way to do this please?