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Track Form Submission Source Automatically

Just like the "Sources" report tracks lead source automatically, can we have that functionality for form submissions? It will be great to know if a form was submitted via direct/organic/paid search/email/social media etc without having to use custom GA tracking URLs for each channel.




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November 23, 2020 02:31 AM

+1! It would be useful to see submissions by source across all forms in a report

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Would definitely appreciate any extra reports, dashboards, and info tied to forms. That area seems to be lacking so far in HubSpot - but forms are the focal point of all lead gen.


 so need to do this as a report



We desperately need this.

If you think about a Contact's lifetime interacting with your company, they are likely to fill out multiple forms.  Each of those form submission likely have a different "session source".  It appears as though the individual Landing Page Analytics tool provides visibility to the session source for all form submissions that took place on that page - but the information is not reportable at a macro level - nor is the information made available in a Contact Property, on the Activity Timeline and thus we're unable to the info sync to Salesforce. Ideally, this information would end up on the associated Campaign Member record related to the Form submission.


1Ebook FormDirect Traffic 
2Demo RequestSocialFacebook
3Webinar RegistrationReferralPartner Name


^ We would like to see all of this info when looking at a Contact in HubSpot or Salesforce



 definitely need this. my company are moving away from landing pages to embedded forms so I'll have no visibility over which sources work


Form performance with session source at time of submission is definitely needed. It is helpful to know more details on users than just the original lead source. 


I have been searching for "How to tag a form to a source?". Has this been solved? I am not able to find an exact solution for the same. I am embedding a HubSpot form in a WordPress site. By default the source is Offline source. I want to change it to another source. Is it possible? 

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Would love to see this, too! 


Three years after this suggestion, and still no response from the Hubspot team.

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This is a "top 10 metric" prescribed by many agencies and experts, and disappointing that Hubspot still can't do it.

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I have to agree with this. The ability to report on what source led to a form submission would be incredibly useful in identifying the places where a buyer persona is most engaged.


I know we can build an aggregated attribution report to look at contacts created via a form submission, but as far as I can see there's no option to easily view trending data across time. That just seems daft. 


On a related note, there is no visibility of form submission sources for existing contacts either. So if someone already exists in the CRM prior to submitting the form, we can't report on what source ultimately leads to them submitting one. That seems kinda strange when the data exists in the CRM.


Yes! I would like to be able to automatically track the source in the form via hidden, automated field, so that when leads that get sent to our sales team via email, they can easily see right in that email where the source came from (paid ad, organic search, direct, etc).


Agreed, I'd love to be able to track and report on lead source (organic, referral, etc) as well as sub-lead source (facebook, partner, etc).


Like @joelfed mentioned, it would be ideal if these could appear as hidden fields on forms so they could be pushed through to other integrated apps (in our case it would be Salesforce).


It looks as if the information already exists in the 'Performance' tab for individual forms (image below) but for some reason this data isn't pushed into the reporting capabilities.


Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 5.30.24 PM.png


This function must be available as a standard function. Is there already a date for the implementation?


This was available until recently.  It was in the events API V3 as hs_session_source. I was told it was removed due to performance issues.  I would really like to get this field back.

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+1! It would be useful to see submissions by source across all forms in a report

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So hard to se the total effect of my channel with this not being possible. Hope this comes asap 🙂

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I also need this feature. What it lacks the most is to actually filter the contacts by this data. In the performance tab, we can only see the contact numbers per each source, whereas we need to see the actual contacts or submissions.


Hey all,


I also ran into this issue and found a reasonable workaround (at least for our needs) 


If you set up UTM tracking links for each source you want to track (e.g. a unique link for display, social, organic), then export the form submissions, you can sort and arrange it by the link that appears in the "conversion page" column and have a source for each contact / submission 


Not the most user friendly and you need to take the data from HS to excel or sheets, but if you are comfortable using excel this is a good solution. 




+1! Should definitely exist in HS. Is really important so be able to see the sources of a users form submission


Agree. I need to be able to see form submissions and then sort those by source to see where our downloads of contnet assets are coming from. This would be the #1 thing I would track in HS. 


Definetely needed! Please, make it possible again. Thanks!