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Track Changes Made to Line Items on Deals

I would like to be able to see property history for line items on deals.  Deletions, additions, changes in pricing, terms, etc..  Being able to view this information and see how a deal evolves would be very beneficial to our sales team. 

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Yes 100% tracking changes with line items through property history would be super useful. It seems it's being logged as you can set up workflows to see changes to line item properties so this data must be somewhere. Similarly would like line item based workflows. 


I'd love any kind of step in this direction. We had an issue where someone changed some SKUs on some deals and we cannot see who changed them, when they were changed, or what they were before. I thought to use a property history report, but that doesn't work either since these are product properties and line items are treated as some weird, in between thing.


I would love to be able to see line items history to hold the right people acountible for mistakes.