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Would like the ability to view the account log-in activity of our Sales and Marketing users. Currently we have no way of knowing whether someone is logging into the system and using it or not. 

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Track Account User Activity TrackingHubSpot Product Team
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3 weeks ago

Track Account User Activity TrackingHubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone,


There are a couple different ideas mentioned among the comments here, and I believe we should have some good news for you on each. 


1) Last login - We're opening a beta for Pro & Enterprise customers that shows Last Login information in User Settings. If you would like access please fill out this form:


2) Sales Activity reporting - We've recently released a new Sales Productivity Report (in Reports > Analytics Tools > Sales Productivity) that shows all activities by user. For any feedback on that report, feel free to respond via the feedback tool on that page, or by emailing me at lars (at) 


3) Audit log - While we don't have a full audit log available today, this is something that our team is looking at and is being planned.




For any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out (email listed above).

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Hey @Pippa I"ve merged your feature request with the one above, so that all comments are votes are kept in the same place. If you Kudo the post above you can add to the vote count - thanks!

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We have had a similar requirement arise internally. We have new users who have been given carefully selected access to contacts and vital information. We would love the ability to report on what information they view and more importantly change in a central place without having to know the record already and manually check (the only current way to do so I believe). 

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Why can't I search by user?  You can do this on Salesforce...

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We need an audit trail showing user activity. Someone on our team deleted a contact list...I need to know who did it and when.

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@roisinkirby, any updates on this since the idea was submitted? We're running Hubspot across quite a big team and multiple departments and really need to know who's been using and who hasn't.

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Yes. Looking for a lead timer and lead reply time report per salesperson.

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Our management team would like to ensure we are getting ROI with Hubspot. Need to be able to show that users are logging in and using the features. It's going to be hard to keep using hubspot if I can't show value. Please add this feature ASAP. I'm surprised to see this idea was posted in 2016 and even a simple login tracker has yet to be implemented at the end of 2018.

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Such a needed feature especially with a system that every form of a contacts information.

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How can we manage a team of sales, customer support or other functions without knowing their activity? This should be a standard management function....

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I agree!  I was recently asked by my Boss to provide him with a Daily Report of all my activities.  



Basically, An Account User/Team Timeline. With the ability to pull up any user record and have the option to view all activity or filter by type.  


This feature is available in a Contact's Timeline (see image below), should be fairly simple to accomplish the same as an Account User/Team Timeline.  







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How do you export this data to create a report?