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Would like the ability to view the account log-in activity of our Sales and Marketing users. Currently we have no way of knowing whether someone is logging into the system and using it or not. 

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Hey @Pippa I"ve merged your feature request with the one above, so that all comments are votes are kept in the same place. If you Kudo the post above you can add to the vote count - thanks!

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We also need reporting functionality that will allow us to see usage/productivity metrics for our Marketing and Sales team. 


It is very frustrating to see that this request has been made over, and over, and over since 12/2016 with no action from HubSpot. What's worse is that it seems to be the case for most of the forum posts I come across for features that I'm looking for.  Immediately before I started researching this particular topic, I ran into the same situation in a different post that contains hundreds of requests to make it possible to A/B test emails in workflows. Seems like a company with such a massive investment in R&D should be able to move the chains on requests like this?



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Would also like to give this my upvote. 


My specific use case: inherited an instance where everyone and their dog has a user account, and a lot of people in the field are requesting one for menial tasks. I'd like to clean the user database up a bit, but I have no way of understanding which accounts are still in active use and which aren't. 


As a HS adminstrator, I'd like to be able to see recent activity of accounts so I can determine if their HS accounts are still required or just cluttering up space. 

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This is another feature I think would benefit the usage of Hubspot. We can report on Sales and all users as well.


We would like to use the Hubspot User type as a property for a few cases for Contacts and Companies. BUT Some users would need to be in the dropdown list but may not necessarily need to login to Hubspot. Also as a Security measure, and to audit or investigate user activity.


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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It´s very important when you have external teams or partners.


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For us it's also essential to be able to check which user edited/deleted an item. On lists, pages, blogs, emails etc, we can see that attribution on edits, but once the item is deleted we need to contact support to get the timestamp of deletion but the info regarding the user who deleted is not available.


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Please take this into dev stage. It's a basic feature for correct governance. IMO productivity features are not that important... should include at least:


  • User logins
  • Any new or edited field in any object in the CRM
  • Export all data or specific user/team data as CSV
  • Only accessible for superadmin users


Thank you!

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It would be extremely helpful if Admins and SuperAdmins had the ability to audit user interactions such as Log in and out times, How many contacts,deals,companies were created, deleted, modified broken down by user for a given time period. Optiomally weekly, monthly, annually.



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Is there any feedback as to whether this is on the roadmap?  Its such important information for us...

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HubSpot -- I agree with @MarkBoulter, what is the status of this request?  It has been a on this User Board since 2017?