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Would like the ability to view the account log-in activity of our Sales and Marketing users. Currently we have no way of knowing whether someone is logging into the system and using it or not. 

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Please provide more flexible reporting options. Most importantly, every sales manager in the world needs to know quickly what messaging their reps are sending out. A basic reporting capability that would make this platform more effective is surfacing user-level activity reports, and allowing users to monitor the messaging of other users via reports. Right now there is absolutly no way for any user to see a concise report list of every activity (email, call, meeting, note, task) that any user has completed or scheduled. 

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Tracking the average time from lead to the first contact would be very useful for monitoring productivity.

Currently, it's possible to check by lead manually by looking at account history, but there is no metric to see it by the sales rep.


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It would be really helpful if there was a function within settings for account administrators to see who in the team has logged into HubSpot.


This could be taken further so you could not only see if they've ever logged in but perhaps their latest log in and any activity.


Recently introducing the CRM to the business, buy in from users hasn't been easy so being able to see who has actually even logged in to the system would be great.

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I second this request. Moving from another CRM that has this function, we miss it. We used it with our previous CRM to help understand which sales people were embracing the system and which were using it only at its barest bones. Identifying the power users and the non-users helped us target training and identified those that were struggling and those that could serve as peer mentors for the system.


I would really like to see if this could be provided.

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We are looking for a report that details WHO (sale and marketing team) are logging into HS, not necessarily their activities. We want to ensure our teams are using the system. Thanks

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 This should be added on the Settings > Users & Teams page, showing last time log in (date + time) and number of log ins in the last 30 days.

so just add two columns on the right after ACCESS.

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Hi Do we have an update on the status of this request? I am looking to track calls/emails/meetings/tasks via exporting raw data from views. But these raw data has no indication of what type of activity it is. The $200 reporting addon is too restrictive to give the view requested by my management. My only request is to add the activity type in the raw report exports

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We'd like this ability also. We just trained 40+ sales reps on the CRM and we want to make sure they'reusing it.

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the IP address would be a valuable thing to include. 

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It would also be very good if users could not edit the date of the activities they record. Since, to be able to change it at will we can not really know when they contacted customers