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Would like the ability to view the account log-in activity of our Sales and Marketing users. Currently we have no way of knowing whether someone is logging into the system and using it or not. 

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We are new to Hubspot and it would be extremly helpful to have the ability to see the login acitvity during the implementation. 

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I agree 100%!

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This idea is definitely needed in order to effectively assess the KPIs of sales agents. Even a basic login history would be extremely helpful.

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Definetly need basic log-in history, asked for this feature before

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Something like this used to be possible in the Content Home (like back in 2014). Also i would like to add that seeing a history of who changed settings (ie lists & workflows).

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Having a report we can customize and send an automated email to management would be extremely helpful. We find our users generating duplicate work because they have to create a list view of the activity so management can scan through them and see details, not just the amount of calls made.

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I'm an executive and also want to monitor the activity of all my users.  The Activity Dashboard is a good start, but I'm frustrated bc it only shows two lines worth of text from the "activity", which often isn't quite enough to tell what's really going on.  If only we could configure the number of lines it shows for each item on the dashboard - 3 or 4 lines would probably make a huge difference and include 98% of the useful info!

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We need to know which of our users are actually using the product - any kind of user activity report would do.

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My sales colleagues made their own created sequences in Hubspot Sales. I want to show the stats of only their own sequences on their individual dashboards.


So it would be great if I can create a custom report based on the sequences.


Thanks for upvoting this idea!


Greets, Lisanne

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100% agree. Tracking users logins and activity would be very helpful in optimizing the CRM and giving managers more visibility into the activity of their team members.