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Track Account User Activity Tracking

Would like the ability to view the account log-in activity of our Sales and Marketing users. Currently we have no way of knowing whether someone is logging into the system and using it or not. 

HubSpot updates
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We upgraded for $200 p.m. (yearly plan) to the advanced reporting, I couldn't fully trial the reporting due to some trial day hickups - but I was expecting it to have the following basic sales reporting features. Please add the following reporting functions asap:


1. How many activities does a sales rep need to close a deal 

2. Funnel Analytics: the logic behind this feature is far from good. A deal needs to pass every stage in order to be registered in the funnel analytics. Please allow jumping over certain stages and still count deals in funnel report.


Thank you.


Our senior management have specifically requested exports of our sales teams' productivity data (number of calls, emails, meetings) but Hubspot doesn't currently have this feature. Please please can you enable this!

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Hey @Pippa thanks for posting! Could you please confirm what you mean by 'Productivty Data'? Do you mean user activity data in the CRM or another feature on the Sales / Marketing platforms?


Hi @roisinkirby yes I mean the number of calls, emails and meetings logged by each member of our sales team.


Hey @Pippa I"ve merged your feature request with the one above, so that all comments are votes are kept in the same place. If you Kudo the post above you can add to the vote count - thanks!


I would like to be able to manage and review activity by employee within Hubspot. We have weekly update meetings and discussing the number of meetings, phone calls, and emails are vital to managing productivity however the tool currently doesn't support a way to report against this.


We have hoped for an addition of the ability to customize "activities" (which currently only track "calls", "emails" and "meetings") that would be trackable within the Dashboard on the CRM (tallying the number of each of them over a given period of time.  As a company, we monitor the "activity" of each of our salespeople, and track more categories than just simply "email", "phone call" and "meeting".  We track #'s of cold calls in person, #'s of cold calls by phone, #'s of plant/clinic tours, #'s of retention phone calls, #'s of retention meetings, and #'s of sales meetings (maybe even another category or two).


Is this capability being considered at this point - as this would allow each company to track specifically the kinds of sales activities that are important to each specific company.  We currently track these things on a spreadsheet, along with a "comment" on each individual "activity" that a salesperson makes - causing time-wasting double entry. 


The ability to export those tallied numbers (per rep over a given period of time - say a month) into a CSV or Excel file format to report to upper management would be icing on the cake!!


Outside of that specific missing functionality, our recent migration to your CRM has proven to be a great decision!

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Hi, I'm trying to streamline some activity reports for my team. We'd like to measure our connect rate for call activities, so we need the ability to create a view that filters based on:

1. Activity Type

2. Call Outcome


Currently, I have a custom view set up for "Last Contacted between [Date Range]," but that is inclusive for all types of Activities. Details for each call also have to be transcribed manually.


Since we have the ability to log certain types of activities and their outcomes on the Contact records, I figure the data is in there, but I'm not sure how to access it currently.


We really need a feature like this. If we were to ever make a compelling argument for our entire organization to move into the SH sales tool, this feature is an absolute must. 

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Our senior management team has specifically requested reports on our teams' productivity data but Hubspot doesn't currently have this feature. Please, please can you enable this!