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Total showing on quote

On a quote I want total cost for service to only show the "one-time cost" not the "one-time + monthly" because the monthly charge is optional for our clients. We need to monthly cost to be shown on the quote so that we can capture their information and charge them automaticially if they choose to renew. More information below
For our business, we charge clients an upfront rental fee for their service that lasts for 60 days. If the client wishes to renew after the 60 days, we have to send them a new quote to recapture their information and charge them for the next 60 days. 
Ideally, we would like this automatic renewal to be set up in the initial quote so that we can capture their payment information and not need to resend a payment quote. But when adding the renewal to the quote, it changes the subtotal, which we do not want to happen since 50% of our rentals do not renew.