Total amount on Quote confusing to customers when using multiple pricing options


Our Pricing is per month and we charge a one time setup.

Invoice happens once per year (See screenshot)

The total amount as mentioned on the quote is quite confusing for customers.

My suggestion would be to make it an option to hide the total amount in quotes.


I am aware that a suggestion for a fix has already been done in this thread but since that covers more topics I would like to isolate this RFC here.
(*Ability to remove or adjust the total shown (in the case of multiple pricing options for one component). 

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When providing quotes to clients our sales team occasionally likes to provide a couple options for specific line items for customers to choose from.  However, when showing the price for each they both get added in the total due to the default cumulative feature.  It would be nice if you could turn off the cumulative feature for some line items as needed so that prices do not appear inflated, yet still show the customer possible alternative upgrades.  


It has been since ‎Sep 26, 2019, a lot of comment & kudos later but still not fixed. I know there is work being done at Hubspot about this functionality but for us it is probably time to move away from using the Quotes functionality since improvement simply takes too long.

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Agree, for now is very confusing!


For me until this is sorted out there is no point in using the quotes section of Hubspot.


I can´t belive, that this topic has been known since sep 2019 and not changed until today. Totally confusing for customers!!! Using any workaround for that, makes hubspot as enterprise solution superflous - for our Saas Usecase.


Please, we need a fast Fix


fully agree, pretty disappointing that no feedback van HS seems to be added to this suggestion for optimisation 


Add us to the list. 


Just showing the first month's expenses is basically useless if a customer cannot see the total contract value.


Agreed! This functionality to adapt a quote by term, billing frequency etc and have an output that explains the product lines, periodic breakdown summary and total per year and total contract value is an essential requirement for any pricing model. 


Please help us all with this. 





Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hey team - HubSpot PM of Quotes here. We're currently working on a solution for this which would allow you to toggle whether you want the "total" of a quote to represent the total contract value or the first billiing period (which is what it represents today). Our upcomiing customizable quote templates will also offer the ability to show/hide different sections of a quote, which could include total. 


I hope that you haven't already made the decision to stop using quotes! And, if you haven't, I'm grateful that you're sticking with us. Our quoting functionality is only going to get better and better. Thanks for the feedback.


@ethankopit, how do we become part of beta for this update? We REALLY need this for the quoting function to be useful to our company.




@ethankopit I second @JHarvey comment, It would be great to be part of the beta for this as it is one of those missing features that erodes confidence in Hubspot from a wider management perspective. 


The question is "only" out since ‎Sep 26, 2019 now so to be honest do not expect it to be solved any time soon.  Basically makes this part of Hubs nvery unattractive to use since it really affects conversion ratio of signed deals we noticed. There is plenty solution out there specializing in this and doing way better, looking for the best integrations that work for us at the moment.


+1 here..


This has been so confusing for the customers. We urgently need the Option to take the "Total Sum" out, please.


Hubspot is such a sophisticated tool that has thought of so many extra things that other tools haven't. I find it difficult to believe that you haven't thought of the negatives of this feature. I think this is actually a basic that is non-negotiable - the financial plans nowadays are so much more complicated than your template.


Please let us be able to take it away.


I hope you take all the comments and requests above into consideration. Thank you in advance.




Customer facing quote include the annual cost while keeping the quarterly billing for internal use. This would be a different line item property.

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We need the updated asap


Is necesary include the TCV on the quote.

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And I really can't push my client to use the quote tool because of the same reasons mentioned above.

That said hiding the total can already be done on the Custom Quote Beta. I hope other options for showing TCV/ACV would become available. Pehaps even options to distribute one-time charges over the duration of the engagement.  



I believe that the total of the quotes is wrong when you mix recurring and one shot fees

the total takes only the first month of the recurring part of the quote even if you defined a 6 month lenght for example.

This makes a total which sum the full unique cost and only a piece of the recurring. This is milleading (and wrong I guess) for customers


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I've just solved this by changing the monthly cost to a single annual cost so it shows up. I've explained to the client why I've done this, but it doesnt paint a good picture for them coming into the ecosystem for the first time. 


Plus one for CPQ development!


This is an issue my team is having as well. Something we need to be fixed asap!

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Does anyone try to use the CSS option? available only in Sales Enterprise**

I still don't manage to get the Sub total TCV In the actual quotes tool - but maybe it can be changed from the design tools?


Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 13.15.20.png

Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 13.15.05.png