Total amount on Quote confusing to customers when using multiple pricing options

Our Pricing is per month and we charge a one time setup.

Invoice happens once per year (See screenshot)

The total amount as mentioned on the quote is quite confusing for customers.

My suggestion would be to make it an option to hide the total amount in quotes.


I am aware that a suggestion for a fix has already been done in this thread but since that covers more topics I would like to isolate this RFC here.
(*Ability to remove or adjust the total shown (in the case of multiple pricing options for one component). 

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Yes please, We desperately need more customisation options on the price listing. 

We already have the option to add terms and payment types (recurring v/s one-time fee).
The Total should either represent the total amount on the yearly/monthly invoice. Or be flexible and editable. 


Now it's confusing when they receive an invoice with a different total amount.

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Yes I agree, that would be very helpful!

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Yes, I am working in Sales as well and customers see this as the total amount. Which is quite misleading as it is not. Hopefully, the request below can be realised! 


Either hide the total amounts or mention the monthly/annual as an option in the configuration in the pricing table...

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I agree I work at finance and the customers are confused about it.

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Completely agree with this development request. The option to hide the total amount would be my preferred way of dealing with this. Thank you! 

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I agree with the rest of the posts. we need to be able to customize the quote more, our company sends out different product options as a quote for the customer to choose from, if you total it up, it gets confusing. we end up sending multiple one line quotes to some customers.

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Totally agree. The total, when using recurring products, is innaccurate and misleading.

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Please HS solve this. 


The quote feature is useless.