Topic Cluster / SEO tool partitioning

Dear team,


Creating topic clusters in the SEO tool has been a great way to structure one's content strategy, until you come to the point that one's doing this in a HubSpot Enterprise Hub with several teams publishing in their own language on their own domain.


From the overview tab it's impossible to see which topic cluster belongs to which language/domain, especially when product/general terms are part of your content strategy. Also from the content editor it's difficult to select the right cluster when names are shared between teams, domains and therefore clusters. See screenshot for an example of product related topic clusters, used by 3 countries/teams/domains:


Community - topic clusters partitioning.png


The solution I propose: content partitioning for topic clusters / SEO tool.


I think this helps international marketing teams to manage their own topic clusters, either from the SEO tool itself or directly from the content editor. Partitioning is now widely used in most of HubSpots marketing tools, I think it's time for SEO / Topic clusters to jump on bandwagon.



All the best,