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Tools to Manage Email Frequency

It would be great if Hubspot could create a tool that would allow us to manage email frequency more easily. If we send too many emails to people, they will unsubcribe. Plus, people want to feel in control of their relationship with us. Maybe they wouldn't unsubscribe if they could limit emails to once a week/month. As an example, here's an option Land's End gives users to modify their email preferences:Manage Email Frequency.JPG




We have many contacts on multiple lists, and sometimes we send six emails a day. Right now we use a time-consuming workflow to cap our email sends to two emails/week per person for certain brands. The downside of this is that we can't schedule emails out ahead of time and have to manually put lists through the workflow. Plus, as mentioned above, contacts have minimal control over their own inbox other than completely unsubscribing from specific email types. I asked Hubspot if there is a better way, and the other way recommended is to add criteria to a smart list that the email send date is before last week. I'm not sure if this would work for us. But we will look into it.


If we could manage email frequency more easily, we could also do more automated emails without the fear of overloading the same people.


Please let me know if this is a possibility or if there are other approaches/systems we could use that would save us time and allow us a more hands-off approach.

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November 19, 2018 04:02 AM

Marketing Hub Enterprise users can use the email frequency safeguard feature to set a maximum number of marketing emails each contact can receive in a given time period. You can see more this here

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October 23, 2018 08:59 AM

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This would be great to allow users control and potentially not lose them as a subscriber.


This is needed now!! 




Having the same problem here! Please advise on best practices to control email frequency in HubSpot.


I agree but would prefer a different implementation. For instance in the workflow a delay option in case another email has been send for x amount of time so you can differ by importance of the message. Because I don't want leads to come to the stage where they want to reduce the frequency, from my perspective already too late.

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HubSpot announced a feature to do this at INBOUND 2018. It is named "Email send protection".


It is for Enterprise Account only.


It will be launched in the upcoming months.

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I need this now as well.  I've tried workarounds and can't find anything that will work.  There isn't a way to limit email send frequency in workflows by the "refine by" date property either because it only allows you to specify specific dates or windows.  If that 'refine by' field let you specify, this month, this week, etc. then that would work.

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Marketing Hub Enterprise users can use the email frequency safeguard feature to set a maximum number of marketing emails each contact can receive in a given time period. You can see more this here

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The problem with this new feature is that we don't even know the average number of emails each contacts are receiving. So it's difficult to set the cap.


What we did is export the property hs_email_delivered ( and then we created a boxplot to know how many emails per month our contacts were receiving:


Screenshot 2018-11-19 at 8.56.23 AM.png


This boxplot interpretation is:

  • On average, 75% of contacts received a max of 5 emails/month
  • On average, 25% of contacts received more than emails/month
  • In average, a contact may receive a max of 11 emails/month

Our unsubscribe rate and SPAM rate is meagre so we can say that an average of 5 emails/month isn't too much for our contacts.


I think this kind of information is very useful before setting a frequency capping that makes sense. Otherwise, we could have set a capping at 3 emails/month and have lost some opportunities.




Empowering contacts to communicate their communication preferences to an organization seems to be a best practice, right? So, why does Hubspot only offer a single level of "subscription" self-management for contacts?


The cross-subscription frequency cap is nice in theory, but it fails in a couple of ways. It doesn't give contacts control over what they receive--it actually reduces their control. It also hurts the organization because it enables continued misalignment of messaging/priorities across departments, and [to my knowledge] provides no way for organizations to measure the impact of leaving it disabled or enabling the safeguard.


Offering contacts a set of frequency options underneath each subscription on a communication preferences management page might make for a lengthy form, but how else could an organization allow contacts to say "send me updates about sales as they happen" but "only send me volunteer opportunities once a month". Perhaps the frequency options could be collapsed for unselected subscriptions? Contacts' options currently are to completely opt in or completely unsubscribe. 


I'm not sure how this would be managed from the email delivery side of things, since only one subscription can be selected per message. Probably via algorithms behind the scenes? How are other emarketing platforms addressing this challenge?