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Toggle between roles/permissions as admin

It would be super useful as an admin / someone organizing HubSpot to be able to toggle between what different roles and users can see, without reassigning yourself a new role and losing your permissions.


For example, on the "sales" role, what do my dashboard, records, etc look like? 


This would make it easier to adjust properties and settings for reps, or to train (because then we could show our screens and they would see the same things.)

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It would be nice if Hubspot could offer the feature for the Super-Admin to take over user-roles. With very complex rights models, one could take the role of a team or user, as is common in many CMS, and then see directly to what this user has access to and which rights he has.

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Agencies generally manage multiple HubSpot portals that have users at client companies with a variety of roles and therefore a variety of permissions. It's also really hard to for agencies test the affects of different user permissions setups on a user's experience. Furthermore, permissions related issues pop up for client HubSpot users and it's hard to re-create and troubleshoot those issues without having the same permissions as the struggling user. These issues tend to persist across the platform and aren't exclusive to a single feature.


A portal god/admin view where an agency employee working on an account can see the user experience for different roles with different permissions would solve these problems.


For me, it would be nice to have a secondary set of roles for a super admin. This issue as a super admin is I can see and do everything which is quite frustrating for my day to day role where I only need to be manage the team I belong to. In this way I could have my normal role for day to day use, but if I need to go in and do some more global admin tasks, I can toggle back to super admin and make any changes.


An alternative method and I would suggest another thing to look at would be to have a 'team admin' role level.