To invite to meetings also to CRM users and not only to contacts

When you programme a meeting with a contact or more they can be added to the meeting, but not to a user of the CRM.
Sometimes to this meeting we are present more than one person of my company, but a user of the CRM cannot be added to the meeting in the same way that is added to a contact.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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@Nwanda if you are referring to using our Google Calendar integration and the Schedule tab from a contact record, including your other teammates is as easy as creating them as a contact in the system and inviting their contact record! See here:


If you are referring to our Sales Pro Meetings, you can set up links for Group Availability Meetings to include multiple users. See here:


Please let us know if this did not address your request!

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In HUBSPOT CRM, when I create a meetting with a contact, I want to add someone from my team.

Create a new contact with a existing user (someone in my team) is not a good idea.

I want to add him to meetting select in users, not olny in contacts.

Web have meetings with contacts, more than a user (member team).

Now, I have to create meeting add contacts and finaly, save meeting and create a task to a user (team member).

It's not normal.


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Agreed - adding another member of staff to a meeting without alerting the customer is definitely required. We even use a 'contact' for meeting rooms to ensure they don't get double booked too - but the customer doesn't need to see this via an updated calendar invite.  

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