Timing specifications for chat launcher

I'd prefer to be sending visitors trigger messages when they have been engaging on a specific webpage, say they have been on the page for more than 1minute, the message appears.

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This feature would be very useful, agreed.

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+1 as well

It's like jumping a person right when they enter a store saying "what would you like to buy today" instead of smiling, letting them browse and chime in as a helpful resource a few minutes later

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Hey, I agree with everyone here. The software is great but it needs this timing feature so badly! It will make the chatflow a super cool thing for engaging with the visitors. Many visitors are very annoyed when the chatflow is triggered immediately. They you've just come to the page and they need some time to check what it is all about. It will make the user experience a way much better. 


I hope that you, guys from HubSpot IT department, will add in the nearest future!

Thanks a lot! Thank you for sharing such a great product with lots of people. I hope my feedback is valuable and will help you make your product even better!)) 




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Cmon Hubspot - let's get this basic customer service feature in already!!!