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Timing specifications for chat launcher

I'd prefer to be sending visitors trigger messages when they have been engaging on a specific webpage, say they have been on the page for more than 1minute, the message appears.

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It feels very 'un' HubSpot/Inbound for instantaneous greeting or no greeting at all to be the only options. 


This is a really necessary feature, we need to be able to access settings to control how and when a Chat greeting appears. 



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Thanks so much to Doht for this contribution. I'm comfortable cutting and pasting code. But the hubspot chat is appearing very nicely on every page of my site. I set this up from my hubspot account on the web, not from within my wordpress installation. So... where do I put this code? I have hundreds of pages and several different posts types...

Thank you for your help!

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Giving my vote of support for something that allows for a specific duration or page scroll to activate the chat. With the GDPR message also popping up immediately, I feel like this can overwhelm a user.

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Yes, great idea! I think this would be incredibly useful and would dearly appreciate if it were implemented soon. 

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upvote, we need this. The only reason I stay wigh intercom, thanks

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The chat functionality would certainly be more useful if time or page-scroll delays were available. Fairly small change but very big impact.  Hoping to see this feature soon!

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While Hubspot adds an option for this, I can solve it using css and jquery:

body #hubspot-messages-iframe-container{
display:none !important;

setTimeout(() => {
$("div#hubspot-messages-iframe-container").attr("style","display:initial !important;");
}, 60000);

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Agreed, i won't use the chat system on our website without this feature because i find instant promts to be impeading.

Other good options would be to promt at 50% page scroll etc.

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