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Timing specifications for chat launcher

I'd prefer to be sending visitors trigger messages when they have been engaging on a specific webpage, say they have been on the page for more than 1minute, the message appears.

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We would like the same, personalizing after how many minutes or page viewed the message appears.

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In other live chat platforms, you can set a delay for when the message pops up to the end user. I.e. you can set it to pop up after 5 seconds to ask if they need anything.


When we started using chat, we did a lot of testing to work out the best time for us but then when we recently trialed messages in HS, we were unable to set the time. As a consequence, the number of people engaging with us via messages went down hugely.


The current Messages Tool is wonderful and has come a long way. This minor yet powerful feature would make it that much better.


Instead of having the chat message pop-up the moment you land on the page, would be nice to have options (like the Lead Flow) to show up either on 50% scroll or my recommendation after a specified period of time on the page.


The way it would work is, the chat bubble would be on, but the actual custom message would pop-up over the bubble after [specified time] let's say 15 seconds.


I think as a customer is scrolling through your page, they are exposed to a wealth of information. Having this subtle message pop-up in the corner would draw their attention to the chat bubble to promote them to click and chat with you.

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This is super critical, we have a cloud-software and the lack of this makes the messaging tool completely useless.


We need users to try the tool for a minute or so before we offer help!

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Yes.  Please add this to chat...similiar to lead flows.  The prospects need time to digest the message before they get distracted with a chat prompt.

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I am in full agreement! I don't like the message tio appear right away because it's a distraction to the homepage and content on my website. I want it to appear after about 20-30 seconds so users can begin engaging with us if needed after they have developed interest in working with our team.

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On content pages (like blog articles, etc), it would be better UX to allow the visitor a couple of seconds to read the content before opening the Chat prompt. (I want the Chat function on those pages, but it's a little aggressive to pop it open with a question before the visitor gets a chance to get their bearing on the page.)


Two options there:

  • Allow the user to set a custom "delay" to opening the Chat prompt (i.e. 2 seconds)
  • Add an option in which the Chat prompt only opens if a user scrolls the page
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Totally agreed. It is kind of silly that this hasn't been implemented yet--seems like it would be quite simple.

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Hey people,


I have a gift for you Smiley heureux


Just replace the conversation script in your header by this one :


<!-- HubSpot Chat>
setTimeout(() => {
    let s = document.createElement('script');
    s.type = 'text/javascript';
}, [milliseconds]);


You just have to replace [your_hub_id] by yours and [milliseconds] by your preferred timing. For example, 30 seconds would be 30000.


Enjoy <3

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Very good point and I couldn't agree more.  


I added another idea ticket that expands a bit on this.   Please upvote this one as well if you agree.