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Timestamp feature on Videos

Hi there, with videos becoming more of a common format, would  we be able to get a timestamp feature for some longer videos - ie: webinars, step-by-step guides, workshop etc? This will allow viewers to pick back up where they left off if they've had to break down watch sessions, or simply skip to a specific section that they are focused on straight away. YouTube already has this feature - might we be able to get it on HubSpot too? 




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Upvoting this. One thing we got interested in when purchasing Hubspot Marketing Pro was the videos feature. It was something that would allow us to replace Vimeo. It won't, though, since we do not have any API control on the video player, which among other things, would allow us to develop custom integrations such as a menu for chapters on videos, or a transcript that would follow the timestamp.

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Upvoting this too, would be great to have this feature 


In line with this, it would also be helpful to be able to start a video at a certain time on a given page. We are primarily using videos in our Knowledge Base, and we have some longer videos that cover multiple different topics, but each topic may have its own article. We would like to be able to insert the single video in each article, and have it start at different timestamps depending on the content of each article.


Upvotig as well. Hubspot can already create a video thumbnail based on a timestamp, so it already "knows" where a given timestamp is.

B2B videos like webinars tend to be long, and viewers don't always want to watch them from beginning to end, they want to easily skip to whatever interests them and they have time for.