Timer within Tickets

I would like for there to be a feature that allows users to start, stop, and log a time within a ticket so time spent on a ticket can be tracked properly. In any other CRM I have dealt with this has been a standard feature.

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This is a MUST for us since we are an IT support company, we need to track time both for billing and overall scheduling and employee utilization.

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I have been looking everywhere as well for this! Nothing currently integrates with HubSpot either to do this.
Right now we are looking at building our on App that sits on top of HubSpots API to do this...

Rather this be built right into the software itself. 

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Time spent on a ticket is a valuable measurement for many organizations.   While total ticket age (difference between ticket create and close dates) shows how long tickets remain open understanding the actual time spent working on a ticket is important for many reasons (support costing, workforce management, hiring needs, etc.)


It would be great to have something like this added to HubSpot.