Timeline annotations ala Google Analytics

I'd like to propose the ability to add annotation to any timeline in Hubspot.

The choice of displaying 

-Global, or



annotations on any timeline would be nice. The choice could be presented as checkboxes next to the timeline.


1) Example, GLOBAL annotation:

For example, when deleting a bulk of users, adding an annotation for that event at the time and date, would provide in-line explanations for sudden drops in subscribers for some of our publications etc. In an organization where multiple users handle the same Hubspot account, such things are not always known to everyone.


2) Example, CONTEXTUAL annotation:

I personally think the global option is mot important, but also being able to add annotation pertaining only to a single campaign, email, form submission etc. could be helpful.



Cheers and thanks for a great product,

Eivind :-)

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