Time to First Agent Reply not Correctly Calculated

We switched from Zendesk to Hubspot. Unfortunately, it seems that Hubspot does not handle the calculation of "Time to first agent reply" correctly which messes up our KPIs.


Our workflow is:

  1. Customers write to a hubspot conversation inbox.
  2. Agents then qualify messages individually and create a ticket where needed.

When an agent now creates a ticket for a conversation, the reply time is calculated based on the ticket create time instead of the first message time. This can make a huge difference whenever the ticket is created after the first message.


screenshot (1).png


Basically in the example above, the actual time between the first message associated with the ticket and the first reply of the agent is 14 hours. However, the time between creating the ticket and the reply is 4 minutes. So our KPI in the dashboard thinks we replied within 4 Minutes.


I understand that the current definition of the Time to First Agent Reply is defined as time between create time to first reply time. However, I would argue, that there is no scenario where the following definition would not make more sense:


Time to first agent reply =  Min(Ticket Create Time OR Time of First Message Associated with Ticket) - Time of first reply


whereas Min means "whichever was earlier". For all the companies who create tickets automatically from messages, the property would remain unchanged. The others would in my opinion prefer to know the true reply time.


Also I don't think custom properties are a good solution since all the default graphs use the property "time to first agent reply" and they should also work with a workflow that does not automatically create tickets.


Hope that makes sense



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+1 Completely agree with basil.

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The same goes for first chat reply if its unassigned when it first comes in, we need to know how long it's taking our support team to get the chat assigned to the right person and replied to.