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Time to Close and Time to First Reply Taking Business Hours into Account

We have SLAs with customers that we respond during business hours and during weekdays within a certain time period. It would be greate if the Time to Close and the Time to First Reply KPIs could have an option that they are calculated based on business hours.


E.g. If a ticket is opened on Thursday and closed on Monday, then the time to close would be 3 days (since Saturday and Sunday are not counted given they are the Weekend).

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This is a must for our organization. Coming from Zendesk, I believe that Hubspot still has, as of today, a lot of room for improvement in how to support the SLA compliance in Service hub. We miss things like supporting open business hours, and accurately being able to report how our support agents are complying with the SLA. 


@basil, I can see you posted this about 8 months ago. Have you come up with a workaround for this?


This is so essential for our business, I really hope you can launch this feature ASAP.


This would be great to have. We don't operate support at certain times of day or on weekends, so the inability to filter out these times wildly skews our first response time and makes it impossible to report accurately.


Having the ability to exclude weekends from this property would be extremely helpful for users who utilize the property to manage their SLA!


Similar to the comments, it is hard to create a fully functioning SLA and team target based on a 7day / 24hr time frame when employees are working 5days a week, 9a - 5p. 

As the company grows it becomes more vital to track support efficiency. 

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Multiple teams are reviewing this idea, in part to enable more 'time between' reporting. Thank you all for offering your thoughts, we deeply appreciate it.


This is also very important to us. What is the point of tracking how long it takes for a representative to respond to a client if it isn't going to be accurate? The weekend data can greatly skew statistics and effects our team's KPIs.


This is very important to us and essentially corrupts data if non business hours are included


This is also essential to our business reporting. Currently the weekends and outside of standard business hours are impacting internal reporting and suggesting that we are taking longer to respond / close tickets when this isn't the case. 


the system should generate response time reports that take into account business hours at the moment and also avoid weekends and public hoildays to be more accurate with the data so we can review it VS our SLA with clients on the response time.


Love this idea!


Is there any ETA on when this feature will get added? 


Without the ability to exclude weekends / define business hours — this feature is unusable by the business. 


This is so important on the KPIS analyst, please realease this 

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Totally agree with the discussion here. With SLAs in place that revolve around business hours, the reporting around "Average Time to First Agent Reply Email" is not helpful since it's counting non business hours/days. A checkbox or setting around this reporting would be nice to allow organizations to either count all days or count certain business days.


We have recently moved over to HubSpot for our support. We run support in UK office hours. Currently not having this feature means that our first response stats are all over the place due to tickets not being responded to in out of hours times.


Please fix


We've worked around this issue using a webhook to compare the createdate and first_agent_reply_date properties which figures out how much 'office time' is between the two properties. The webhook then sets a custom 'office hours response time' property on tickets which we use in our reports.


Just came here to add to this. Not having FTR etc. based around working working hours makes the metrics meaningless. 


Pra quem tem um controle assertivo no SLA, não ter a função de pausar o tempo fora do horário comercial, torna a missão quase impossível. Planilhas e planilhas, formulas e formulas para subtrair o tempo, descontar isso aquilo... Sem essa função acabo aprendendo muito mais de excel do que qualquer outra coisa. 


Muito importante iserir essa função... Diversas empresas podem crescer com essa função. Assim você podem gerar mais valor para sua base de clientes. 


This is really key to providing accurate actionable data to stakeholders. Avgs and other reports don't paint a true picture when they don't accommodate days that a business is not operating. 


Yes please, this is the most important metric in our customer support work and if we can't track this correctly taking business hours in consideration, it is a huge disadvantage for our company and not feasible long-term.


If you implement this, we will recommend Hubspot to all the Start-Up scene in  Berlin 😉


@dmastin Can you provide any update on the review?


Thanks a lot!