Time spent on ticket stage

I'd like to echo something from the developer forum:


We would like (read: need) to be able to track time spent in ticket stage, the same way we can currently track time spent in deal stage.



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This would help especially if a ticket is a higher priority than another - you would be able to see how a support agent should prioritise their work.

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Adding a "time per-activity" property might solve this?


A report run on any time period would be able to sum the property.  The report's time period could start/end as the ticket enters/leaves each stage.

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Agree. We need this ASAP

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This is needed! 

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This is a must-have for our use case to track where the blockers are in our projects.

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Being able to measure, report on, and understand the time spent within each stage of a ticket is very important.  Just as Sales needs to understand what may be holding up the sales process on a given deal or if a specific stage is becoming a bottleneck the same applies on the Service side.   Knowing Avg Time in Stage can help improve both onboarding and support efficiency.

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This would also be incredibly helpful for deal stages. Time spent in each deal stage.

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This is must!! Basicly I really do not understand why HS is sooo slow for developing different reports and why they are open reporting "more" so I can manage myself more freely what I wanted to see...

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Please add this asap. Definitely needed. This is critical to SLA's around tickets.