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Time of day report

Hi there! We'd love to be able to pull time of day reports and sort contacts by the time of day the lead was created. This would be beneficial on our end in order to know when the bulk of our leads are coming in and identify any trends. This would also potentially help us adjust staffing hours based on significant trends. Thanks!

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Hi, I am also trying to create a HubSpot report that will show me "Support Tickets Opened vs Time of Day".


So essentially the x-axis will be the 24 hours of the day, and the y-axis showing number of tickets opened during these hours.


I have extracted our HubSpot ticket data and manually created it in Excel, but would be ideal if HubSpot can do this itself and I can create a dashboard.



@Ivoryc could you guide me through the set-up of your report?

If you say versus, do you use a cross-object report? I am trying to find out how you got the time in there and where I can find it, as I need to build the exact thing you just did 🙂


Hola, me pasa exactamente lo mismo.

Para nosotros es muy importante porder tener informes por hora de creacion. Es un método que nos permitiría analizar las horas del dia con mejor performance.

Ademas , serviria para optimizar el trabajo del contact center y poder tener una mejor supervision, si lo agregamos a las propiedades de Actividades.





Yes that is an essential service to have considering this is one of the most basic reports to have.


This is something I am really missing and would be very beneficial to understanding peak times of when support is mostly required. 

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I need to know the time or period of time when we receive more contacts so we can asign more persons to receive those contacts. 


I agree from an analytics perspective and attempting to ensure i am staffed appropriatly i would like to see the time of day tickets are created as i am having tickets created for (1) Phone Calls (2) E-Mails (3) Web Forms (4) Live Chats. 


Agree with the author, we consider this functionality as much needed. Appreciate HS development team taking a look into this.


In our case we were looking for an option to create a report that will show the amount of leads, that were created within a certain timeslot overnight, ad later marked as junk. Target was to analyze how many leads among all we ever marked as junk, were received within 12a to 5a time slot. That supposed to help us to measure the effectiveness of our ads campaign overnight, and pause it for certain hours night time, in case if campaign doesn't generate satisfactory amount of qualified leads.


Has there been any movement on this?


Ditto Ditto...I"m new to this role and to hubspot and for resource planning this would be a super basic metric to have!  Love to see something like this brought to fruit!


This would be a huge enhancement! 👍🏼


Any update on this?   Is there something available?


This is a much needed feature.   To track by the hour for new incoming tickets; will allow to measure peak times of day to have the approriate staffing.   Has this enhancement been completed?