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Time in Ticket Status reporting function

We really need a way to report on how long a ticket is spending at a particular status before progressing to the next step. I honnestly thought this was part of the functionality I was paying for with Service Pro.

The ability to easily see where the bottle necks in our process are is critical to our service improvement. I can see that the time between function now exists for deals, but it does not appear to be applicable to ticket stages nor can I find a work around.


I know that the data is collected as you can see in individual tickets the history of the ticket status by clicking on the property, but there still seems to be no way to access this in reports or contact filtering.

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1000% necessary. Strange you can report on time in Deal Stage but not ticket status!


Yes, absolutely necessary! 👍 Many thanks for your posting @SarahX 

The goal of a perfect customer service is to be there for the customer when they need you.

Especially if you want to offer live chat, phone support etc.


Only in this way can the planning of the agents' working hours be aligned with the customer's needs. By the day is just not enough!


Doesn't make sense that the customer service agent is there, but the customers are not.... Or the customers are there, but the customer service agents are not.🤔


Therefore: Please 🙏🙏dear "HubSpot feature prioritization team":
It would be so wonderful if you could implement the feature. 👑👑


Sunny greetings from Martina


How is it that 3 years on from this idea being submitted is this feature not baked in to the base set up of Support Tickets - especially when a lot of this functionality is already coded into the Sales elements of HubSpot? 100% needed and critical to general businesses everywhere.

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@Eternal_Warrioz Let's hope this year is the year for Service Hub!


We would absolutely love to have this as well! Sad to see this was from 3 years ago- HubSpot let's get this going!!


We really need this function!


Yes that would be great to have this report.


We have different departments working on different stages.  We really need time within each stage to know where we have to improve.