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Time in Ticket Status reporting function

We really need a way to report on how long a ticket is spending at a particular status before progressing to the next step. I honnestly thought this was part of the functionality I was paying for with Service Pro.

The ability to easily see where the bottle necks in our process are is critical to our service improvement. I can see that the time between function now exists for deals, but it does not appear to be applicable to ticket stages nor can I find a work around.


I know that the data is collected as you can see in individual tickets the history of the ticket status by clicking on the property, but there still seems to be no way to access this in reports or contact filtering.

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My current work around for this is to create a new contact property for each stage called "Date entered <ticket_stage_name>", then in each stage of the ticket automation to have an action using the 'set property' function that sets that property to the 'date of step'.


Unfortunately this needs to be set up manually before you can collect the data and report on it, so I will only be able to find out this information from after set up.


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100% @SarahX ! I was just about to post this same idea when I found this idea post.  We did recently role out of the Historical snapshots sales report as a way to do this for deals as part of our new Sales Content Analytics tool. We don't have a feature like that for tickets at the moment.  I have shared your idea with the correct team internally too.


This would be really helpful for us too! We want to be able to report on how much time is spent on deals with warranty issues that we log with tickets. 


Completely necessary!


YEs please! I too thought this was part of the funtionality espevcially seeing as you can do it for deal stages already. Please please please make this. 

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Any progress on rolling out the deal stage reporting functionality to ticket status?

We have created individual reports that average time between calculated properties but would love to be able to see these in one single, comparative reporting widget. 


Another tip for the workaround posted above...if you go to Ticket Properties > Ticket status and export the property history file, you can see all the statuses a ticket has been through, along with time stamps. You can then reimport the time stamps for those statuses into the new properties you've built to capture "date entered XYZ". That way, you won't have to wait for the automation to create the data you need for reporting. 


100% agreed 


I come from a ConnectWsie manage PSA environnement and HubSpot is dominating most PSA's out there. It is clean and user friendly. Adding time entries on tickets would be a huge advantage and would attract a wider market for sure. 


Great idea.

Having this option would also get around the HS issue of ticket reporting being thrown off by customers replying to closed tickets.
You could simply have a report which shows the total ticket time when not in "Closed" status. Then you'd know how long it's taking to close tickets.


I need this for ticket status' for the same reasons.  I will try some of the workarounds, but it seems like a pretty standard report request. 


Fiquei extremamente chateada ao saber que essa função não existe atualmente.

Achei que deveria ser algo padrão para um sistema taõ avançado quanto o Hubspot . Confesso que fiquei decepcionada pelo trabalho que será realizado manualmente por falta de recurso nativo da ferramenta.


That would be amaizing. Currently is hard to have only Hubspot for all company. This is a basic requirement if the tool aims to support Customer Support departments. As TM is a mandatory KPIs to understand where might be the bottle necks. Hopefully and in a very near feature, Hubspot can implement such feature without having to go through soooo many workflows. . . 


Really happy to learn I am not the only one out here that sees a need for this!


This would be a cool way to identify certain stages which take a long time, thus increasing your efficiency.


Will try these workarounds, but we desperately need this functionality as well!

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We also need this. The date stamp workaround isn't helpful when tickets frequently move from one step to another on the same date. 

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Hey @TheMattZelasko (and everyone else)!


I'm a part of Aptitude 8's product team A8 Labs. We're currently in Beta for a new SLA Tool called Timerman SLA, which might just be the solution you're looking for. Timerman allows you to assign SLA Policies to both tickets and deals via workflows. It also tracks time in each stage down to the minute and lets you create reports/dashboards within HubSpot!


We're releasing the app to beta users so shoot me a message if you're interested in learning more!

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Hello everyone!


I read this post and I did the same (I created a property for each stage but I did in Tickets).


But I want to know if there is a way to see the result between stages on specific days. What I need to know is how many days it took my service team to move that ticket to another stage (and so on, between each one).


I made a table with the property dates, but I would like to know if it is possible to automatically obtain the number of days between these property dates

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Hi @LoreLopez 


  • Create a date stamp per ticket property, you can automate this through workflow for new records. For older records, you just have to export then import the ticket property history.
  • Then create a calculation property *time between* e.g. status 1 from status 2

Hope this helps 🙂


This is definitely something we need as well, I hope this gets considered by the HubSpot Development Team! @RRDoerr