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Time in Deal Stage

Really need a report that shows a list of Deals in the Pipeline and how long each individual deal has spent in it's current stage. I can't believe other users aren't clamoring for this... very inportant!!

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May 12, 2021 07:18 AM

May 12, 2021 07:18 AM


I'm one of the Product Manager for HubSpot's reporting tool. Thank you all for leaving your feedback on this thread. We're still working on a solution to expose this data for deals and other HubSpot properties/objects. At this moment, we do not have a roadmapped solution. This thread will stay open, so please feel free to leave feedback.


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This is a key metric for us. I note this article which may go some way towards answering the need: HubSpot Community - Calculate and Report on the Time between Two Properties - HubSpot Community


The Hubspot gang refuses to make this happen. I've been a customer for 2.5 years and still no progress. No customer should have to do any workarounds to extract a metric that is already being captured in the background. Come on Hubspot! Don't make me switch to SF!


I really hope they make this happen. We are a growing business and this is becoming more and more of a headache for us.


I have found a workaround using workflows. Create 3 custom fields in Deals:

1) 'today's date'

2) 'date entered current stage'

3) 'time in current stage'

Add a series of workflows as follows:

1) updates 'date entered current stage' field when the stage is changed

2) daily schedule 3am that updates 'today's date' field

3) daily schedule 4am that calculates difference between above fields and populates 'time in current stage'

Seems to work OK. Have then extended that with additional if/then workflow to compare 'time in current stage' with a target for each stage and flag another custom field called 'late in stage' which can then be used as a focus for follow up

I trust that all makes sense

Thank you for your effort, I hope the message board finds it helpful. Lets hope Hubspots makes our life easer and just fixes this simple problem. That so many would like to use.



Along with Time in Deal Stage, please include a way to see which deals moved (this week, month, etc.)


The lack of these two features is infuriating!!

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Critical for measuring Deal velocity and stagnating Deal.


Please can this be added to the roadmap as a priority for 2023 😄 

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I would prefer properties rather than measures that are only accesible through reports personally. But I understand that stages can change and that may be difficult to do.🤞