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Time in Deal Stage

Really need a report that shows a list of Deals in the Pipeline and how long each individual deal has spent in it's current stage. I can't believe other users aren't clamoring for this... very inportant!!

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This is a much-needed ability without hacky workarounds. Not sure why the request has sat so long.


!!!!!Feedback please!!!!


Can somehow from the hubspot team at least provide some insight as to why this is not planned, when it might be planned for, what the challenges are or any other sort of insights.... this is probably the most important feature of any requested by the community that actively uses the sales features.
Alternatively if there is feedback on a similar idea and we are not seeing it, perhaps merging the ideas into a single thread to help give us insight...
Lastly... if there is a minimum number of upvotes required before it get's noticed... that also useful insight....


!!!!!Feedback please!!!!

Getting close to four years now seems a simple fix.
Thanks for your support

ALL - Not sure why no one has posted here, but there is a workaround. Not sure when it became available either, but I just discovered it this week. There may be limitations for what hub/level of service you have and it's a lot of setup, but once you have the setup, it works pretty great.

STEP 1 - Getting today's date - you only need this once

1. Create a property called "Today's date".
2. Create a workflow that triggers when "Today's date" is more than 1 day old. The only action you need is to Set property value of "Today's date" to date of step.


STEP 2 - Tracking when a deal enters a stage - do this for each property for each stage you want to track
1. Create a property called "Entered [stage]".


STEP 3 - Calculating how long a deal is in a stage - do this for each property for each stage you want to track
1. Create a calculation property called "Day's in deal stage". The calculation is "Today's date" - "Entered [stage]".

2. OPTIONAL: I wanted to track the average of all current deals in the stage so I made these properties conditional. The calculation only runs when the deal stage = the stage in the calculation.

I also wanted to create a report around averages. I found that the property's data is coded in milliseconds so I created a "Days in current stage (milliseconds)" property and set a workflow to copy this property from any of the "Days in [stage]" properties triggered by when they are known. Then I have another calculation property called "Days in current stage" that calculates "Days in current stage (milliseconds)" / 86,400,000.




I have, as I'm sure many did, see this work around, and in fact have it implemented,

The note is really to keep pushing hubspot to provide a proper solution.



Very needed!


I can't believe this was suggested so long ago and still hasn't been implemented. 

Having a "today's date" calculation seems really simple and would benefit many in the long run.

It's nice to know how to retroactively see how many days something was in a particular stage of my business's pipeline, but it's far more important to know how long it's been in the CURRENT stage so that we can follow up accordingly.

This is a pretty critical feature. 


I was told by our sales team it's a pretty standard report, I would appreciate if HS team would consider building functionality for it. I am not looking forward building the workaround.. Thank you in advance!

HubSpot Product Team

👋 Hi everyone, I'm Jeannie, the product manager for Pipelines.


My team and I are working on making Deal stage calculated properties available, so they can be used in reporting and workflows. These will be similar to the Contact lifecycle stage calculated properties that we released last year. I will post more details as we get further into development. 


Thank you all for sharing your feedback with us!


Thanks @JeannieN , that is very exciting news!

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Hi, we really need the ability to easily see the time that a specific deal has spent in a deal stage, and not just when the deal has left that stage, but the time to date. The current 'time in deal stage' reports in HubSpot are not useful as they only calculate after a deal has moved to another stage. For companies with long sales cycles, there can be deals sitting in a stage for months and the report will still show "0" days because the deal hasn't moved to another stage.


This is a basic requirement for any sales pipeline management software.


Hi @JeannieN,


Can you please include 'Date Entered CURRENT Deal Stage' as one of the properties you create and make available for use in reports?  This would save huge amount of time as we currently have a cumbersome workaround in place to achieve this outcome.


Kind regards,



Hi @JeannieN, will this be available for ticket pipelines too?