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Time in Deal Stage

Really need a report that shows a list of Deals in the Pipeline and how long each individual deal has spent in it's current stage. I can't believe other users aren't clamoring for this... very inportant!!

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@smcmillian it's an absolute disgrace HubSpot haven't got this in place today, especially since your API doesn't capture every entry and exit dates!  We need timelines, there are various other threads complaining about the same thing.


this is dissapointing ,  guess it is time to search for a new solution , Hubspot Sales Hub , is really not a fully baked solution . This key feature is missing , the ability to set sales goals for employees (non-revenue based) and so many other missing features . I like HubSpot , but it is just not there yet as a Sales Solution 


Really disappointed to see that this isn't planned - this is a crucial metric for us to be looking at.


Even the ability to export the "time in stage" to a CSV file so I could manually calculate this would be INCREDIBLY helpful. When I create a custom deals report, it shows that I cannot export these fields: 

"Some properties in HubSpot contain data that currently cannot be exported, or might not display as expected in your export. The following properties are affected:

  • Property: Time in Stage - Demo Conducted 
  • Property: Time in Stage - Pricing Shared 
  • Property: Time in Stage - Demo Scheduled 

You can export the property history for Deal Stage and then match it to to a report of deals from your pipeline along with other Deal properties, but it requires a manual run each time. It's really such a basic metric and disappointing that it can't be displayed in a deal report. 

Thx for sharing
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This would be a huge deal for us - trying to create reports on deal age is a bit of a nightmare.  Being able to create a calculated field that simply works out number of days from deal creation to todays date would be a perfect fix. Big upvote from me


So simple how long is a customer in a stage before moving to the next stage of the journey.  Great fix would love to see it move to a real report.


This! Please! How do we get deal age and time in current stage on the roadmap as standard fields??


It's a fundamental tracking tool for any sales or support organisation. Hubspot can already track how long a deal has stayed in a stage once it has exited it. It's only a matter of comparing the 'entered date' to 'today's date'.

Much much needed!


Exactly KSanchez8! How is this not a standard field for a CRM?


@kelseyhamon They do have the fields in the back end already, as we have explored using that to log exit stages, but, it was a mess, only capturing c.60% of changes, we were told the API is buggy.

They have big problems in their back end, this is why we don't have it as a simple feature!  The only reason I'm still here is because of the CS.


Would really like to see this functionality added. 


C'mon Hubspot team. With all the product can do, why not a simple yet so essential thing like showing Time in Pipeline Stage? Surely somewhere in the system, there is a date flag associated with status change. Today's date minus Status change date = Number of Days in Stage. Simple. Please fix. ASAP. Thanks. 



We have fixed this with own created workflows and custom properties as we couldn't wait for HS to fix this.

We can now report: Deal age, Deal stage stage






Hi Bareld,


When you have a chance, we would love to discuss with you how you set-up the custom workflows and deal properties to make this report work for you. I could set up a call with my team members at a convenient time for you.


Thank you!

Is this something that can be shared out for others to create as well?

I didn't build it myself. In our org it has been our MarkSales-tech-stack dream team.

I'll check if they have time for short session.


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@swattick  @Bareld @SDavis6 


I believe you should be able to use the custom time stamp properties/workflows on the Deal as described in the articles listed above:


In this article, instead of Step 3 (creating an email alert), you should be able to set up a couple of custom properties/fields to capture the "Time Between" the time stamp and the date the deal moved to another stage.


Here's another blog posting that shows how to do all this for "Contact Status" property, but you should be able to do this exact same thing on a Deal property.  It's basically a:


1. Workflow on the Deal to capture Today's Time Stamp on all Deals

2. Custom property to hold onto this Time Stamp for each Stage of the Deal you want to keep track of

3. Workflow to push/update this Time Stamp for each Stage of the Deal you want to keep track of

4. Custom property to calculate the time between today's date and when the Deal entered each Stage.


For a more detailed description and guide on how you can do this, jump down to hack #4 for all the gory details (again, this if for Contact Status, but Deal Stage should work the same).


Note: I ran into some issues trying to do this calcuation on an hourly basis, so it appears to work only for a daily count.


Hopefully this helps. 


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Hi All,   


In the meantime we also figured out a visual workaround to view "Time in Deal Stage" on the deal board view. The HubSpot community blog featured it this month: 


Time in Deal Stage - A Sneak Peek into our account


For those who prefer a video: 



Hopefully this helps you. 


All the best, 


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