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Time in Deal Stage

Really need a report that shows a list of Deals in the Pipeline and how long each individual deal has spent in it's current stage. I can't believe other users aren't clamoring for this... very inportant!!

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I think I may have found a solution to this based on what @RDAMA created. (Thanks Bud)

to create an accurate today's date property in HS

If you create 2 properties on any object:

Todays Date - Date property
Todays Date trigger - single check box

Then create the following automations



Create date is known and Todays Date trigger is unknown


Set todays date trigger to “Yes”

Next create a 2nd workflow


Enrolment trigger

Todays Date trigger is any of “Yes”

*Make sure to set re-enrolment trigger to [Todays Date trigger is any of “Yes”]

Set a date stamp on “Todays Date” for date of step (e.g. Today)

next step

Set a delay for 24 Hrs

Next step

Clear contact property “Todays Date”

Next step

Set todays date trigger to “No”

Next step

Set todays date trigger to “Yes”

These 2 workflows work in tandem to update today’s date with an accurate date each day.

You can then use this in various automation such as deal stage logic. In this example, you would create deal automation that dates stamps a deal with the date it landed in a stage. You can then use a calculated property to look at the difference between that time stamp and the “today’s date” property which would hypothetically give you the current time in stage. in more succint terms:

  • Enters deal stage > set date picker to "date of entry"
  • Calc field = time between "Date of entry" & "Today's Date"
  • Report = all deals with "Calc field" >7
  • Automation = id "calc field">7 notify salesperson and manager.

I am currently testing this approach. It still falls down as the field will be updated at random times for all contacts based on the time they are created and not one uniform time but it's better than nothing.

Another way around this is to use an API and a platform with a Cron Job function to update the "todays date" property every day at 00:01 but again that requires a bit of Dev work. 

Ideally, HS will just create an immutable property with today's date as it's not like the data is not in the platform i.e. report filters allow you to look at today's date. 

Hopefully, this works for people on the thread but let me know if anyone sees Issues/gaps in the workaround





Just posting here, I managed to calculate "Today's Date" too.

If anyone needs it, it's here:


Yes please!


This is essential - I have to export the data out of the system to get this key metric for my sales team.  I'm shocked it doesn't exist. 

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@jeffvincent Any update on this? It's extremely important to those of us using Hubspot Sales—and something that all other major competing Sales CRMs have out of the box.


All - this exists for us. I'm new to Hubspot, but I've been going in circles trying to replicate this report for tickets. I didn't build this report, but hopefully the screenshots below will help. In the report view, you can filter for "time in stage - all stages" and view by stage type. Hope this helps!





@RebeccaAM what is the name of that report?


@shatton Deal time spent in each stage




@RebeccaAM Aww! I see. Thanks for sharing. I built two variations. One with average and one with max ... SOOO NICE! 🎉🥞💎


Hello @RebeccaAM 

thanks for raising the  "time in stage - all stages" but it is giving you the timing once the deal has exited all sales stages. so this is working only "afterwords" ... it could be interesting but this is not the question we are asking in this thread.

The question is to see everyday how much time a deal is in a given sales stage. It allows to see if some are stalled in a stage. If you are putting like SLAs it will help you out monitor the SLA. Hope this clarifies. Very surprised that hubspot does not have such a key element of sales efficiency/velocity monitoring.

Did anybody tried @Adam-SixandFlow solution?

Thank you.


Sorely needed!

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Would be great to know how long each contact stay within the pipeline as well > and to use this within a report


Upvoted this idea and extending upon it.


I'd like to set a recurring timer (let's say 4-5 days) based on inactivity for a deal in specific stages.  Each time this timer goes off, it notifies the deal owner and creates a task to reach out.


I've seen that activity time based loops / reporting has been asked for for years.  We use Pipedrive for my other business and this feature is build in (as a deal rot) and is extremely useful.  Love Hubspot, but this is a glaring hole, especialy for longer sales cycles.


Yes, we need this!


Yep this is a basic feature and a must-have for us to track how long deals have been in their current stage so that we can identify deals that are stuck.


Please implement this asap!


Another use case for this that we have run into is tracking aging on open invoices.


We created a custom invoice object with some fields to track collections efforts on our open invoices. In Salesforce, we were able to create formulate fields that took the difference between the invoice date and today's date, so that the Invoice Days Open was always accurate.


We would love to be able to do that in HubSpot as well. 




Great idea


I'm not sure if this has not been mentioned, but I found an alternative to this - First calculate TimeBetween and then use that field to calculate days via dividing that number (in milliseconds) by 0.0115740740741.


Hope this helps.


It's essential.  I really can't continue without it.


I used this report and functionality in Salesforce, it helps managers manage the team's pipeline but is also great for each sale rep to understand which deals are stuck in a stage.  This is a must have functionality.