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Time Series Reports

We have lots of properties on objects that change over time. For example, on a contact, we may have a numeric field type of "dollars_spent" to reflect how much they have spent. Currently there is no way to report against the history of a field over time (e.g. how did this dollars_spent field change over time).


It would be great to see a time series type of report become available against objects whereby the object field histories are able to drive the charts, much in the same way that lots of the analytics sections do time series reporting.

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We would also like something along these lines. We store a Customer Health Score value on each company, and it would be helpful to see how it changes over time. 


1. Per company - see if the score has trended up/down/neutral 

2. Globally - see if your average health score has trended up/down/neutral 


It is totally maddening to have to take our pipeline metrics, every week, and enter them into a spreadsheet to see trends. So we look at a dashboard in HubSpot for the current numbers, then go to Excel to look at trendlines. 

Is this what you want, Hubspot? Your customers having to rely on Excel for their most important reports?


We'd also need this


Same here - for the amount of seats per client company and see how it changes over time 


Bottom line is that we have to manually enter our pipeline amounts by stage into a spreadsheet to see how our pipeline is changing over time...


Come on, HS, this is basic pipeline management (tho' I suspect I know why you don't do it - in fact, why most CRM tools don't do this)


Same here - we have a lot of time series data that would get great to house and analyze under one roof.