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Tickets from Forwarded Emails

We're having issues where a customer forwards us an email they recieved and it opens a new ticket for the original sender of the email, NOT the user who forwarded it.


This has caused issues when they forward us notification emails from GoDaddy, or Network Solutions. Or, if one of THEIR customers sends them an issue, they'll forward it to us to open a ticket. Yet, their customer is associated with the new ticket and they get a "New Ticket Created" email from us.


Naturally, this has caused confusion because their customer has no idea who we are or why we opened a ticket for them.


An option for "How to Handle Email Forwards" would be excellent:


1. Create a Ticket for the Original Sender

2. Create a Ticket for the Last Sender



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On my usecase, I have consultant, who will be involved in software implementation, working with customers with their professional mailbox.

Once the software is implemented (production step), our customer should contact support team, but he often contact directly the consulant.

The consultant then forwards the mail to the support mailbox. And my support team will then need to remove current customer (the consultant) and to add the relevant customer.

Then when providing a first answer, the agent, will, one more time need to remove consultant mail and to put customer mail.

This is a waste of time.


thanks for considering this suggestion

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Just saw that this feature has been added to HubSpot...curious how I wasn't made aware! It's at the bottom of the Inbox Settings for any shared email inbox in HubSpot. Kind of obscure. I just stumbled on it now when I was updating a different setting!Screenshot_2021-01-25 Settings.png


quick Tips for people with mailbox in another language than english, this works well, but only when a forwarded e-mail object starts with "FW".

for exemple, in french, a forwarded email starts with "TR".

Just replace this "TR" by "FW" and it will works.


I have however a suggestion to improve that : only an hubspot agent/user should be able to use that.

on my business, I provide support only to trained administrator.

If a final user has a login access, he sould refer to his/her plateform admin.

And When a final user send a mail to his admin, the admin will forward the case, and the customer will be the final user, this leads to misunderstandings ...


I was excited to see the Choose Original Sender of Email forwards option - it's causing us issues too. Howvere, I cant find it in our inbox settings....... Any ideas?

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@AMcFarlane -


It's way at the bottom of the inbox settings.


Settings > Inboxes > Inbox


From here, choose the inbox in question from the Current View dropdown on the top of the page.


Then, in the Channels section of the page, a list of the Connected Channels will load.


Find the shared email inbox you want to update and click Edit.


Scroll to the bottom of that page to find the "Choose original sender of email forwards" setting.



Great, found that thank you and we have turned that feature off for all our connected inboxes/channels!


Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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@AMcFarlane - happy to help! 🙂


Hi All,


It's been a long time since this thread started but I just bumped into this issue, hope you guys can help.


I'm forwarding internal notifications. These come from I've selected all the recommended options including deactivating the Chose the original sender of email forwards and there's no case. It is not overriding it. 


Not even when re-forwarding it from a standard Gmail account. The field "from" remains with "" which is a little frustrating.


Any recommendation would be appreciated.