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This was somewhat covered in other people's posts but I feel my take is similar but different. 

I would like 1 easy place for me and my team, anytime we're logged onto hubspot, to be able to access all direct customer support, whether they be tickets or chats. It doesn't make much sense to me for them being separated as they are currently. 

So in that, I would request 1 of 2 ideas. Either, put them both in an easy to access page/portal that has a subnavigation - 1 side for tickets, 1 side for chats. Possibly an entirely separate option in the main navigation.

OR have a web widget (which I know was suggested in another post) on the hubspot page. Right now, we have Hubspot help in bottom right (which is very helpful and much needed). We could keep that, but have another widget in bottom left, that is for us to respond to our customers. Make it very clear - colouring it the same as our widget in our website is and labelling it. (it could be toggled on/off).
OR if two widgets is too confusing for some people, have a place in the help menu that allows for us to toggle between hubspot help and our customer support help (that seems more confusing for me). 

Thank you very much 

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Agreed. I'm not entirely certain why the two were separated in the first place but it makes for an extra step every single time.


Combine that with the fact that if you create a ticket and send and email the reply will actually NOT come into the already created ticket (necessitating the creation of a second ticket with no way to merge into the original ticket) and the Tickets section loses a lot of usability for my team.


I do like the idea of a widget (or anything) that'll inform us of new responses. The conversations page is so poorly laid out that it requires some amount of constant vigilance just to be aware that a new reply has come in.

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Disagree. Chats/conversations are sales/marketing. Tickets are service. Different sides of the house. Tickets require action until resolution. Chats don't require action, they are informational.


I do agree that this whole communication flow is not well thought out in hubspot.