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I would like Ticket properties that I can use in lists, to create workflows and to create scores.



Someone has more than 5 tickets open within a 2 month period:

  • Create an internal task to investigate
  • Set a -10 on the Customer Happiness Score
  • Add to a list for at-risk clients for reporting


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I don`t understand why I can`t build lists based on tickets... 
So up up, it will be helpful. 

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Agreed. I would really like to see and "Associated Tickets" property (similar to the existing "Associated Deals") for use in Workflows and Lists.


Additionally it seems that Ticket properties generally are entirely missing from Lists and contact-based Workflows.


Yes, please allow ticket properties to be used in all the same ways that deal are when creating lists and scores. 

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Hi - Commenting on behalf of a HubSpot Customer -


The addition of a property that contained the Number of Associated Tickets or the number of tickets submitted by a contact/company would open up the options vastly in regards to automation and segmentation for Service Hub users. 

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Lists especially!!


I would like to be able to make lists based from ticket properties. I need to be able to segment contacts based on if they have submitted a ticket or not.


What everyone says above! 

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The Number of Associated Tickets property is so needed right now!

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I really need this feature. 


Agreed. Being able to access Ticket properties as a separate object I can choose in "lists" is very important, particularly as we are relying more on Service Hub.


And agree with others that "Number of Associated Tickets" needs to be a number on both the Contact and Company record as default properties that we can easily access. There's default contact properties like this for Company and Deal related activity, but rollup default properties on the Contact record for Tickets has been neglected so far.


This is a big issue for us right now. I want to be able to send an email to a list of contacts based on the ticket they've raised. For example:
"In the last year you asked for this product feature, we've now done it!"

The only workarounds I have atm are:
- Use the API to pull out tickets/contacts and then build my list

- Use a workflow to create a contact property that mirrors the ticket property we want to use. Although this isn't perfect as it doesn't deal very well with tickets that subsequently have the property removed


I don't have a good idea for how to solve but would love to learn how you created a customer score in hubspot. Still trying to figure that out. 

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@Ashleymccu here is the Hubspot Knowledge Base article on score properties: