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Tickets: Additional filter - Number of associated contacts

Please add "Number of associated contacts" as a filter for tickets - same principle as "Number of Associated Companies". It would help to see which tickets have the most associated contacts.Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-08 um 10.05.16.png

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I see that this post is old now, but it is still relevant. It would be really helpful to have this as an automatic property. For example, I would like to delete all old tickets that no longer have a contact associated with them. But without this automatic property, this is difficult to do.

Also, in the ticket view, you can't filter or order the column association ticket->contact (from 0 upwards for example).


However, I will share that I have found the workaround, in case anyone is interested, which was to copy the instructions given in another thread for creating the number of tickets associated with a contact record. I followed the instructions but did the inverse - create a ticket property and do a calculation based on contacts.

Hope this helps others! 😅