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Ticket search to include email content

Currently the search function for tickets only displayes results based on the name of a ticket.

Quite often when searching for a ticket/email the title is not known, which leads to frustration.

The solution I have found is to search via contact information on the contact page instead, however I wonder if it would be possible for the search funtion to also search the content of the ticket/emails.


2nd to this, and perhaps more viable, is the ability to search for email content from the "search activity" field within a ticket (see screenshot below).

Currently this only searches for email titles, but this is not often helpful when all the emails have the same title. It would be more efficient if it could search the full content of the emails in the ticket.

Search Activity.PNG

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Would love to be able to search on associated contact info to the ticket as well!


Any updates on this? It is imperative that we be able to search through all tickets for ticket content.

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This would be very helpful for customer service.


More then 3 year later, and it's still not possible. very frustrating. My conclusion is that hubspot is just not good for a real tickiting system due to the lack of this feature. Best work around we have is to put error codes / messages in the ticket title, because then it will be found. But in many cases you want to search inside the emails. In that case, we go back to our shared outlook folder and we will search there. This is not the way how I want to have it implemented but the only other option is to go to a different ticket system and that is also something I don't want to do. Very bad of Hubspot that this basic feature is still not available.

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Another feature that makes the HubSpot Service inferior to, for example, Freshdesk as a separate tool