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I've been asked by support to raise the following as a request.


We have ticket notification and closure enabled on our account. This works perfectly, however, when the customer receives the notification the email address it is associated with is noreply@hubspotservicehub.com and not our email address. It is normal for our customers to reply to this initial email in our current helpdesk.


The same goes for the notification emails that are sent when a ticket is closed. Quite often a customer may reply to this email stating that this is/isn't the case so having it not picked up is workable. 


Of course, we can turn off these notification emails but this leaves us needing to send template emails manually which no doubt will lead to issues.


We are close to switiching fully, but this is the last step preventing us from using service hub instead of our current solution.


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Same situation here with one of our large clients. Any communication with the end customer should be sent from the customer's domain. Emails sent from noreply@hubspotservicehub.com confuses the end customer.


Thanks, Øyvind