Ticket filter to include company or associated company?

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Currently as far as I can see there is no filter available to filter tickets by company. We need to report to certain customers the'r ticket volume and days to resolve against a pre-determined service level agreement.


One for the cards, coming soon?



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In deals view we can filter for associated companies and contacts (not necessarily from Hubspot insights, but manually associated):




However, this is not possible in the tickets view. This would be very important to get an overview / export certain ticket datasets for certain companies.

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Same here! 


Need to filter tickets by assossicated company. 


Its surprising that this basic feature is missing, hope HubSpot implement this in near future.

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Filtering and searching by associated contact and company is a necessary feature for the service ticketing system to keep track of and be proactive about repeat tickets in a company, and to know who belongs to a company that needs contact!


Additionally, it's frustrating that though you can associate a contact and company to a ticket, you can't make that mandatory - and employees forget to do it if it's optional.

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I agree with the request but I found this workaround:

When you go to the Company, you can then see all the associated tickets and at the bottom of the list and click on View tickets in filtered view which will then create the filter by the associated company which you can then save as per normal.

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Agree!  While the work around is a good start (thanks @rmarcelis for the suggestion by the way), being able to filter tickets by Associated Company and/or Contact would be very helpful.  We currently export tickets and then create a pivot table in Excel, but that's cumbersome.