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Ticket and Contact tokens available in workflows for notifcations

Currently, there is an ability to use a contact based workflow to send a notification about a ticket being submitted, but it would lack information about the ticket. On the other hand, there is an ability to send a notification about a new ticket, but it would lack information about the associated contact that submitted the Support Form. 

It would be great to set up a notification email that gave an at glance of information relative to both the ticket details and details about the contact that submitted it to have a better at glance view for those receiving these notifications. 

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Has this been updated?


any update on this ... I really need it


@Pavel_Sodomka - We are also burdened by not having this feature. We may have to utilize another product after years of use.

Did you ever get feedback on your inquiry? If so, can you share it?


Your notes were:

I probably found a quick fix if the ticket is created via form.

Create an automation email template with all the data and trigger it not via the ticket workflow but by contact workflow based on the form submission.

Does it make sense ?


How can you trigger a contact workflow when ticket is created? I found only possibilty when support form is submitted.


In my case I would really like to be able to use multiple objects tokens when sending email notification in a workflow. It seems kind of silly that I can have a email template with all of the cross object tokens and manually send thru the template but not have the same ability via the email feature in workflow. 


YES! I just had to completely recreate a really complex ticket-based workflow as a contact-based workflow, as well as create some redundant pseudo-ticket properties on my contacts, to achieve what should have been pretty basic functionality. Took me 3-4 hours of work to figure out, not including the wasted work I spent creating the original ticket-based workflow. Please implement this!


I'd sure love to hear how you resolved this, @SarahMayo1!! This is a feature that has had too many Upvotes to not get attention towards resolution, but it's hard to wait much longer for such. If you're able to share at all, I'd be very grateful!!