Ticket View within Contact Record

It would be great if was possible to edit the properties that appear on the Tickets card on contact records.


Only the ticket name, the amount of time the ticket has been open, Owner, and Status will appear there at this time, and it would be very beneficial if we could edit the properties that appear on this card, so that we do not have to open up the ticket record to mark off frequently completed "steps"

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I agree that this would be useful.


It also would be great if you could sort/filter tickets and deals so you can quickly and easily find the open tickets/deals, or the most recent or oldest tickets/deals for a client.

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HubSpot Employee

I agree that sorting the most recent/newest ticket at the top on the contact record view panel would be very helpful for customers, and a more direct approach rather than needing to view all in filtered view on a seperate page/pipeline. 

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I agree with the sorting request! The most recent/ newest ticket should show at the top of the contact record view panel. Having to click see all and sort in the filtered view on a separate page is not efficient and causes the users to take extra steps. Also, it defeats the purpose of having a view panel since it is not showing the most relevant information. 

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I fully agree with this sorting request as well. When tickets are NOT sorted by most recent in the contact view, Hubspot users are unable to see if the contact had a recent ticket submission without an extra few clicks.


There seems to be no logic behind the current ticket sorting on contacts.