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It would be awesome to have different properties for different types of tickets, and even further customization to be able to have different tickets for different pipelines. That way each team/client gets its own ticket types.

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I agree.  Can't believe this only has two upvotes, and one of them is mine!


When trying to set up something like "sales" and "support" tickets, the two ticket types (pipelines) need different property sets - but you can't currently achieve this.  So you end up "dumbing down" the ticket properties to the point where both teams can use them - only to find half the information you need is now not being collected!  Frustrating.


I would love to be able to customise my tickets as well a bit.

In my case, I need to be able to access easily Background URL from the ticket - this is one of our custom contact properties. To solve customer's issue we need to be able to move quickly to his account within our application - at this moment we have to manually copy his email address and search it or go to the contact page and access it from there.


I'm dreaming about the possibility to simply click this from the ticket's right side, where I can see contact information 🙂 

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Great idea @KarolinaOlczak!

Hope you don't mind me copying it Smiley Tongue (I'm giving you an upvote as payment.)


You can do it with a Workflow - but only if the Contact related to the ticket is associated with a Company.  (The enrolment options are different for Contact-based workflows... Why HubSpot?!) 


  1. Create a "URL" custom property on your Tickets (if you haven't already).  I used a single-line text property.  When the text contains a url, HubSpot presents an icon to open the link in a new browser tab.  It works great.
  2. Create a Company based Workflow with the enrolment trigger set to check the Ticket property: "URL" = Unknown.
  3. Use an If/Then branch to check the "URL" on the Company Is known (this is just error-checking because some of our companies don't yet have the URL data filled in.).
  4. If "URL" on the Company Is knownuse a Copy Property action to copy the Company's "URL" to the Ticket's "URL"

You may need to edit the default properties on your tickets to show the "URL" link.




Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

I'm trying to set it up, although due to the specifics of our company, the backend URL may differ between company and contact. 


Unfortunately, as you have mentioned, the contact based workflows are different and the company based workflow doesn't allow me to choose my custom contact property.


I tried as well with ticket-based workflow - but then my end result is to copy the backend URL from ticket to the contact, so the other way around than I actually need it. 


Came here in search of the exact same feature.


We really need the ability to customize the default ticket properties for each ticket pipeline. This would be hugely beneficial when both creating and viewing tickets.


This feature would be even more powerful in tandem with this other feature request regarding the ability to set default email templates for each ticket pipeline:


My vote is submitted as well for this.  The ticket can quickly become  'irrelevant' when there is too much to choose from when each pipeline has a unique workflow/user need.




Agreed! And even further ability to add prepopulated fields in the ticket description 




Agree! it will also save lots of time for people who work with Tickets often. 


I agree. Can't understand why this feature has been delivered.