Ticket Owner automation

It would be very beneficial to have the option within Ticket workflows to have a Ticket Owner auto assigned to the person who closes that ticket or even changes the status.


Reasoning for this is my team works at different times, and in different pipelines, so by default we have all tickets unassigned. 


Asking my team members to assign the ticket to themselves (another thing to find on the long list of properties to the left of the ticket view, and then another thing they have to click and select) is too much too ask. Currently the process to assign a Ticket Owner goes as follows;

1. Click the ticket owner window

2. Search for a ticket owner

3. Click the owner

4. Click save

Way too much clicking invovled to justify the action. 


I need to be able to see how my tickets my agents are closing, but don't want them to have another thing to do when it seems like it can be automated within the system. 

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