Ticket Owner automation


It would be very beneficial to have the option within Ticket workflows to have a Ticket Owner auto assigned to the person who closes that ticket or even changes the status.


Reasoning for this is my team works at different times, and in different pipelines, so by default we have all tickets unassigned. 


Asking my team members to assign the ticket to themselves (another thing to find on the long list of properties to the left of the ticket view, and then another thing they have to click and select) is too much too ask. Currently the process to assign a Ticket Owner goes as follows;

1. Click the ticket owner window

2. Search for a ticket owner

3. Click the owner

4. Click save

Way too much clicking invovled to justify the action. 


I need to be able to see how my tickets my agents are closing, but don't want them to have another thing to do when it seems like it can be automated within the system. 

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Yes please. This is exactly what I am looking for and it seems archaic to not have this standard. Any team with multiple members need to be able to have tickets assigned to them and it is way too tedious to ask your team to have yet another property to update


I also think this should be a feature. Members of my team often neglect to assign tickets to themselves when responding to customer requests.


YES, and urgently, this is a major pain.


Or al least make it way easier for someone to assign the ticket to themselves. One button click, but I agree, ideally no buttons. 


Two possible variations on this would be:

1. Have a "Take ownership" button where when clicked would automatically assign the ticket to the user, alleviating the steps described earlier, of having to find the property, and type in your own name and then select it.


2. In the Ticket Owner property field, have a "ME" option, much like already exists in Deal Owner filters.  This eliminates the need to type in your own name all the time.


Great idea - and an absolute must-have. The current options to assign an owner via workflow are not sufficient for us. Best option would be a combination of the options already mentioned here in the chat:

1) A "one-button" option to "TAKE" ownership of an incoming / new ticket.
2) If no owner was assigned in the first place, then have the agent assigned as owner, who replied to the ticket.




Wow...I signed up for Service Hub without even asking if this was an included feature because it seems so straightforward that it would be. In all of the competitor's products I reviewed before choosing Service Hub, every single one had this option. 


We've partially solved this by having a ticket workflow that assigns ownership to a rep who has created an activity related to the ticket. 

Enrollement: Ticket owner = = Unknown ; Activity Created by == Known

If/Then Branch: At least one associated Activity has Activity Created By ==

1) Rep X -> Set Ticket Property Ticket owner to Rep X 
2) Rep Y > Set Ticket Property Ticket owner to Rep Y 

3) Onwards.. 


It requires some set up even when the team is rather small..

So, a button or such to "assign to me" would definitely simplify the work.. 




Thanks stvrk that helped me to set up a similar workflow to solve my issue. 

It's still not perfect, would be great if hubspot added the one click button to take ownership 


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Would be a huge help!




We need this badly. We were used to Freshdesk where the ticket owner is automatically assigned, so my team often forgot to assign the ticket owner.